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September 10, 2011


Scientists develop blood swimming 'microspiders' to heal injuries, deliver drugs

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who asks: "What could possibly go wrong?")



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Oh, yeah right

So based on the picture someone did a remake of Smokey and the Bandit 3?

One thing that could go wrong is your nurse could faint if asked to use one of those things. I agree with KJP. It does look like a remake of Smokey and the Bandit.

why do they have to develop spiders to deliver drugs? don't they use unsuspecting tourists anymore?

"Micro" and "macro". What a difference a letter makes.

Erm.. this treatment might be better if it was renamed. You're putting NOTHING called a spider in my veins, tyvm.

I thought we wanted to get rid of spider veins.


*snork* @ coconuts

OH no you don't, I want to see spiders so I can smack them with heavy books and shoes.

What could possibly go wrong? Just ask Peter Parker.

He has to "cocoon" hos food.

When he shoots all his "webbing" he is dog tired.

When he hears about a "fly" girl, he gets very excited. And hungry.

He also has to have surgery every five or six months as his body wants to grow legs. Literally.

Micrometer as a unit of measure is a European term for one millionth of a meter. In the US the term used for this is micron. In the US, a micrometer is an instrument for measuring small thicknesses. As usual, the reporter does not understand the subject.

The picture is just to demonstrate that this project is "scalable"

"Spiders??? Spiders???? SPIDERS??? Ah-huhnn-huhnn-huhnn!!!!"

Since these microspiders are electronic, will they post updates on the web?

Charlotte's Fantastic Voyage

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