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September 19, 2011


Sperm bank turns down redheads

(Thanks to tc and Joe in Japan)


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I guess that the sperm of redheads are unpopular.

Now wait a doggone minute! I'm a redhead and I come from a long line of proud, and very angry, volatile, redheads. What's wrong with us?

Sperrrrrrrrrm arrrrrre way too picky!

Arrrgh. What about Red Beards? Everyone wants a little ginger pirate.

Aye, we'll take yer red-headed seamen.


I never turn down a redhead. Blondes, I might, but never a redhead.

I'm married to a red, the bank has a point.

My first wife was a red head, beautiful woman but scared the hound dog howdy out of me when she got mad.

Contrary to popular belief, we redheads do not have bad tempers. In fact as long as everyone agrees with us and acts like they have some sense, we are pretty easy to get along with.

The first Mrs. Layzee was a readhead. Not a bad temper but the most stubborn person I've ever met in my life.

Still no fuzzy numbers. Maybe they are only for funny comments.

This is clearly Redhead Discrimination and I, for one, plan to sue everyone immediately! Ginger Jizzers Unite!

So their highest demand is from Spain, Italy, Greece, and Ireland? What, deficits make people sterile or something?

*snork!* @ Suzy Q

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