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September 12, 2011


Waving robotic crab arm attracts females

(Thaks to Jeff Brown and Gregg in Austin)


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Darn it! Here I've been tapping my robotic lobster foot all these years for nothing!

I hate to say it but, it doesn't do much for me.

Guys at class reunions try this on me all of the time.

Do you go to a lot of class reunions Mikey?

Crabs claws have always attracted me, as long as they are accompanied by the requisite melted butter.

Smart people have always known that the path to looking good is a wise choice of companions.

NC, High School, College, etc.

There are guys who try to impress me with their "claws." If you catch my drift.

They don't have any mirrors.

This doesn't work at all with robotic soft-shell crab claws.

Mikey, your drift eludes my net.

I wonder if there are crab commercials claiming to enhance a males claw ?

Wasn't that a Very Special Episode of Spongebob?

The only 'male enhancement' commercial I've ever liked was the one with Smiling Bob. I think the people that produced that particular product are in jail now.

SNORK....I hope they have the same smile in jail !

Teenage boys in my neighborhood appear to believe that loud, misogynistic rap music will attract girls. I doubt they'd be any less successful attracting women if they were to start waving crab claw prostheses.

Explains all the orgies in Atlanta stadium after they do that tomahawk chop thing.

The crab arm doesn't do much per say to look at. It must be used to do some grabing or pinching.

To paraphrase a great writer: I don't want your woman. She's a crab!

*ahem*....so what the study says is essentially size DOES matter.

I KNEW it.

Conclusions of the next studies:

1. No it doesn't happen to most guys.

2. Yes, it IS a big deal.

3. There is no number 3.

Errrr...not that I have any personal experience with the subject matter of said studies....

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