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September 19, 2011


Airport security tries to confiscate Kevin Rudd's Vegemite

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That stuff IS dangerous

I would understand this if it involved a very big, luscious bar of chocolate but Vegemite? I have to agree with airport security on this one. Now if you'll excuse me I believe a Snickers Bar is calling my name.

If anyone tried t' take me food, THEY would be the ones needin' security!

I can see both sides of this story.

I tried that stuff after moving to New Zealand. I truly thought I had been poisoned.

Cindy, without Vegemite, there be no beer. Without drink there be no pirates. Sometimes, ye have to be making sacrifices.

He came from the land down under.

Doesn't that be related to dynamite?

Arrrrr, Vegemite...the perrfect way to repackage toxic sludge.

Is that anything like vita-veta-vegimin? I know, back on the bus.

i heard that stuff was lethal. apparently, they didnt realize what they were taking.

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