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September 19, 2011


Two young women were convicted of sexual assault in the Zürich district court on Tuesday after seeking revenge on their philandering ex-lover last summer by gluing his testicles to his thigh and decorating his genital area with pink feathers.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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His poor pink timber indeed. I like to see a picture of that one.

Did you guys learn nothing from the movie "Fatal Attraction"?

The feathers and nail polish were a creative touch. DO NOT MESS WITH WOMEN! Now, walk the plank you scabies!

Prrrrrrrrretty in pink! harrr!

If he's 27 now, what do you suppose the over/under age would be for this to result in permanent erectile dysfunction (ED)? I'm guessing age 27.5.

bwaaahaaaa. gotchaa.

Harrrrrdly a laughing matarrrrrrr. Especially the pink feathaaarrrrs.

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