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September 12, 2011




(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Fortunately, only Photoshop was deployed, badly, to shame the dogs thus. When the real thing hits, it'll be WW7, or something.

It's a wonder they haven't turned on us yet!

I'm ashamed to admit this but, I've knit 2 little sweaters for my chihuahuas. They seem to like them but now I wonder.

Forget the dogs, I want one.

Cindy, you trying to get us all killed?

I bet it'd scare the hell out of the cat.

Arguably better than most of the Fashion Week creations.

cindy, I'd like to see you put of these on your Lab.

New "reality" show: Dogzillas?

We just can't be trusted at the top of the food chain.

Good Rex. Good T. Rex.

Don't try this with your cat.

They do not like dress-up time.

if men are "dogs", and here we find evidence that some dogs are "dinosaurs", doesn't that lead us to conclude that at least some men are dinosaurs?

Cute outfit.

If these come in Moosedawg size, I want the fire-breathing, Earth-shaking-roar version.

When we go walkies, there will be NO talk of cleaning up our poops.

My lab is bigger than I am so if I tried to put a costume, or sweater, on her chances are I'm the one that would end up wearing it.

It's time Ralphy's mother let him take off the bunny suit.

No, no. no Steve...If Ralphie takes off the bunny suit, he'll just go off somewhere and shoot his eye out...

funny man,

That is true.

I also heard (and I can't claim originality on this) that if a man says something wrong and there is no woman there to correct him, is he still wrong?

If a dog is man's best friend, and a female dog is a bitch, shouldn't calling a woman a b***h be a compliment?

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