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September 19, 2011


Planking taken to a new level of smelly


(Thanks to Mark Schlesingarrrrr)


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How could anyone do that? It's got to hurt your shoulders. Not to mention putting your head in a toilet. Yuck!


I agrrrrrrree Cap'n Helga and Theresa. Slightly o/t but, Dave, have you finished your book yet? Are Cap'n Helga and I going to have to crack the whip?

It's Talk Like A Toilet Plunger Day ?

Idjet in a bidjet.

Can we be getting a couple of those fools to use as planks when we be sending someone out fer a walk. Arrrgh.

Bloody bilge rats can't even follow directions proparrrrly. I said "Go stick yer head up yer arrrrrrse!"

That'll teach that thar scalawag to ask fer a promotion to LOO-tenant!

Is this how Rupert Murdoch got started?

It's a guy thing, right?

i thought thaat was called swirling.

Exactly what word do you have to use to get your mouth washed out that way?
Seriously, it sounds like it would be a good word to know.

Eeww... this is too gross, they just couldn't find anything better to do could they.

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