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September 12, 2011


Activists from the so-called Medvedev Girls said they were taking off their clothes to support the President's initiative to cut down on the public beer drinking.

(Thanks to ricefarm)


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Still trying to figure out why one can't have both.

This is so not fair. I take my clothes off to protest something and I get arrested. They do the same thing and make the national news.


I agree! I can't even walk to the mailbox naked without my neighbors getting upset.

Mitt Romney is planning to have the Romney Girls show off their ankles.

Those Moscow girls really
Knock me out,
They leave the West behind

[bom, bom, bom, bom]
Ukraine girls make me sing and shout
And Georgia's always on my
Mi- mi- mi- mi- mi- mi- mind!

*Puts clothes on to support public beer drinking*


Bravo Lairbo!

Lairbo is HOT today. Keep going !

Song continued:

The Kazak farmers daughters really make me feel al-right;

And Siberian girls, the way they kiss, they keep their boyfriends warm at night

But wish they all could be Putin's Moscow girls!

I used to wind up taking off my clothes after drinking. Really upset my boss at work. I am so ashamed.

Another Bravo! to Mazar Larry! Ofg, got any pictures? For research purposes you understand.

NC Tried to take a picture, broke four cameras, and the cat died from laughing.

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