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September 12, 2011




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Army buckles!

Yo ho.

It's still pretty warm around here, but clearly it's time to get out the sweater.

Arrrrggghhhhh, ya'll! My pirate is from the Southern Caribbean.

arrrgh, and it be soon.

That tears it: evolution took a wrong turn someplace. Arrrr !

If this is not already a National Holiday (Emphasis mine), then it shall be so, soon!

I decree it.

Judi, can you make it so, please?
(I can offer you fresh-baked cookies, in trade)


And if ye fix yer deadlights on the video, ye'll see someone ye well know towards the end. Aarrr, and he sings right well, too!

I gotta disagree with Chum on his singin', but he does strike a nice pose.

Well, he sang better than most in that video, anyway.

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