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September 10, 2011


An invaluable research tool.

(Thanks to many people)


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Why don't the women stand naked on their doorsteps in my neighborhood?

I think that there are far too many cameras around taking pictures of everything. If she lived where it didn't disrupt anyone then she could parade around all day long if she so desired

It is unknown why she was naked.
She was naked because she didn't have any clothes on! Duh.

dangit! nurse Cindy i was gonna say that! good one.

Time to call Jenny Craig, hon, trust me.

Yeah, I've had dreams like that.
Only in my dreams, I'm still a man.

San Francisco?


You people insist on spelling it Google.

Don't you know it's really GoOgle?

Thanks for the inf0 0neblankspace.

Afrika's 'Evil Twin' Exposed!

Why is she covering her eyes?

Mikey, so no one can see her. Duh.

Well, she wasn't completely naked....but how did she get those little black bars to stick?

Pixilation shroud...? Where did they get that... in the Women's section at WalMart ?

Pixelation Shroud - I think that's a new line of Kardashian fashion

The shroud of blurin'

didn't tinkerbell cover peter pan with a shroud of pixelation?

My guess is that she was taking a shower when it occurred to her that her plants needed a shower too.

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