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September 10, 2011


Woman Blames 'Evil Twin' In Welfare Fraud

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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If I had a last name that long I would have a rubber stamp too. It must take her forever to sign a check which, obviously, she doesn't do very often.

Ah yes, The Evil Twin Defense.

That was one of my favorite Nicolas Cage movies.

You think that's a long name, cindy?

He needs a rubber stamp too, Jeff. I thought my last name, with it's 11 letters, was long. It's also Dutch (thanks to my ex) so I usually tell people my name is Cindy and then just start spelling my last name. I did this one time and the customer service guy said he knew how to spell my last name but he couldn't spell Cindy.

nice try. but, its not like she was making a jillion dollars, like say, someone from bank of america. not defending her, because its theft, but, jeez, there are so many agencies and oganizations that could help. sorry, my socialworker stuff is showing. over 30 yrs working for antipoverty programs.... and shame on her for ripping off anyone. but i sortakinda understand.
my evil twin does much more damage.

Does her evil twin have a goatee like Spock ?

Sorry queensbee but I don't understand. She has 3 incomes. Her's, her side business, and her husband's. I raised 3 kids on one income and it never occurred to me to steal. Shame on her.

Pfffttt Jeff...her name, in terms of length, is amateurish.

Visit this village in Wales:


Don't forget to tip the server, and do try the veal.

Oh...and by the way, in English it is "davebarrysewagestation"

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