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September 10, 2011


This year, Dad does not want cologne.


(Thanks to jon harris)


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Is that supposed to fly or does it come with the two guys?

Dad has as much chance of getting this for Christmas as he does of getting the Batmobile he was so crazy about last week.

I think that a hot air balloon would be better.

Good one, Siouxie.

Looks like fun, in a suicidal kind of way.

For some reason, jet packs remind me of that time at Taco Bell.

Actually, Dad would love it more if those containers were full of beer.

Funny, but the one on the original "Lost In Space" looked more like a backpack.

I guess NASA had to do something to unload those unused Rocket Engines.

Looks like an adult potty chair.

In New Zealand, you are issued when of these when you are 50. And a card for free coffee at McDonald's. It's nice and all, but using the drive-thru is a bit tough.

It flies all right. It goes up and sideways like a dream. The only problem is that when you land you have about 300 lb on your back.

254 lb to be exact.

Little bit (actually big) of a misnomer. Not a jet. It's a motorcycle-engine driven leaf-blower. Think of the vat of Margaritas that blender could make.

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