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September 04, 2011


Here's a whole lot of information about pruney fingers.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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'.....I WAS IN THE POOL!!! '

I hate to admit this but I've never really worried about pruney fingers. Unless I haven't been anywhere near water.

"Far from an embarrassing mistake, wet wrinkled fingers are yet another testament to biology's brilliance."

So the attribution for all of that brilliance goes to biology, rather than Whoever thunk up biology! Who gnu?!

So what's with the pruny buttooskies? That's what science could be working on.

The mountain picture illustrates a dendritic (branching) drainage pattern; the fingertips have parallel drainage. This is a geomorphologically incorrect comparison of digital images.

The author asks a lot of questions. He must like raisin' hands.

It just occurred to me that if I ever get on Jeopardy! and the category is Pruney Fingers, I'm going to be well prepared.


Better than a pruney face.

Speaking of pruney fingers... If anyone sees a short red head yelling "booger" float by them in a boat, that will be me. Please fish me out. We are getting the effects of T.S. Lee for the next 3 days and Katia is possibly coming up on our right. I've heard that T.S. Lee didn't go to Texas because they said the storm wasn't big enough for them and asked it to leave. Texans! Have all these storms forgotten about Florida?


If you float my Norhtern VA I will throw you a life preserver. We are gonna get some of that rain as well.

Although I've never done the experiment, wouldn't the "pruney" ridges flatten out if you pressed your finger down on a surface?
Any law enforcement people out there who have EVER said, "Oh, shoot, these fingerprints are useless! They're all pruney".

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