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September 08, 2011


Hacked TV remote will auto-mute Snooki for you

(Thanks to Ralph and Poker)


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sign me up. and can it auto mute all commercials too?

What a great idea! Now if he could just come up with one that would make Snooki, Lady Gaga, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Charlie Sheen disappear completely.

If we could only send this to Congress...

hey - glenn beck already disappeared!! its working!

If only it would eliminate all photos of HeWhoShallNotBeNamedilow from this blog, we'd be in business.

or, you could just use your finger.

Make one that also mutes the Progressive Auto Insurance lady and I'll buy three of 'em (and I've only got one TV!).

The commercials for "Family Guy" also annoy me. A lot. Especially the one where Stewie, I think, keeps saying "Mom,mom,mom" over and over. It always gets muted.

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