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September 19, 2011


The vagina is becoming big business on American TV.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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And about damn time, too, mateys!

oh please. yawwn.

Nothing says discreet like neon pads.

Hand puppets? That's not something I've known to hold in my hand to say "Hello, Kitty!" And if these young whippersnappers are going to celebrate their vaginas, I say let us older women do so, too. Okay, everybody, "WHO WANTS TO SEE GRANDMA'S NEW VAJAZZLE??!" Arrrrrrrr! (Bleahhh, seasick, maties...)

^throwing up "been" for before "known." And then just throwing up.

Oh please.

I say "Off with their thieving heads" when they put one of these commercials on while I'm trying to watch TV with a 10 year old.

Jennifer Love Hugeboobs favorite natural landmark. There's even a picture of the entrance.

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