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September 12, 2011


Zombie Caterpillars Rain Death From Treetops

(Thanks to Rick Day)

We saw the Zombie Caterpillars open for Two-Snouted Pig.


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How great is this article? Especially since leaf raking season is just around the corner. I've learned more about Mother Nature on this blog then I ever did in school.

"Running for the treetops"?

Nothin' scarier than a caterpillar stampede

Why is it that the common caterpillar can coordinate dozens of feet but the average politician can't talk without tripping over the only tongue he has?

I wonder if a similar virus causes worms to end up in tequila bottles. Or humans to drink it.

Ok let's see who can best use the word frass in a sentence
No politics please

After his crude remark I kicked him in the frass. How's that Joe in Japan?

She had a sassy frass, Joe.

i heard some folks go to church frass.

Maybe the virus can infect bats, which can infect a pig, which infects Hollywood....

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