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September 12, 2011


Arizona church is house of prostitution, police say

(Thanks to jon harris, Sharon Lurie and Marsk Schlesinger, who says, "The tipoff was all the people screaming 'Oh God!'")


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I happen to be in Phoenix at the moment, so it was all over the news the other day. They showed mug shots of the ladies. I'd have paid them not to have sex with me.

ANd the guys, Layzee?

Jeff, Layzee is not that kind of boy. And if he were....NTTAWWT.

what? nobody saying: OH LAWDDDD!

we dont have this in the church where i sing. of course, its catholic.
i wont go into what tehy do have.

Prosperity gospel?

Preacher, there's this great fund raising idea out in Phoenix...

Ixnay on what we do in the Atoliccay Hurchcay, queensbee!

I'm guessing it's a lay ministry...

Ohhhhhhh....Lairbo..... You need to repent after that one.


Preacher: "The word of the day is 'legs'. Go out and spread the word."

"The temple practitioners probably used the Sedona house for rest and sleep, Martos said." another tipoff - sleeping in church is a time-honored tradition

This church will do anything for its members.

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