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September 10, 2011


Miss Universe Hopeful Told to Wear Panties

(Thanks to Loudmouth, Chris Elzi, Cyberick and Dan Barr)


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And all the blog guys wept.

Maybe by not wearing any she wants to get rid of the step of having to take them off. So now she is always ready.

I think we need way more documentary evidence of the supposed offense so we can make up our own minds.

Now let's not be too hasty, here.

This will be the first time I have ever watched a Miss Universe pagent. Bet she makes the finals just to keep the guys watching.

That leaves Britney, Lindsay, Paris AND Sookie out of the competition. It may be a GOOD thing, guys.

Even in the gorilla suit competition...?

The contest airs Monday at 9 pm ET.

Apparently, that's not all that's airing.

...or else she'll be appearing in a shroud of pixelation

were they specific about where she was to wear the underwear? maybe they told her not to wear it on her head...

I prefer the cheesy Spanish version: "Miss Colombia, Catalina Robayo poso sin calzones."

She got beat by the Brazilian?

Surprised that somebody hasn't already blamed Bush...

You can't take our FREEDOM.

Have they asked for volunteer knicker checkers?

Because I'm sure blog guys could be available at the drop of a ...

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