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September 19, 2011


You be the judge, matey.


(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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More quality television in search of a statuette.

Arrrr quite liked the suggestion that they go to Africa and dig some wells for those without clean water. What a waste of electricity.

who does the stronger dose - the 'contestant' or the one who watches?

Do they be frrrrreee rrrangin' chickens?

arrrghhh.. chicken s**t.

Didn't everybody's hated dino, Barney, do this with the kids on his show once?

I think it caused a morals charge until somebidy coughed up some chicken feed to the authorities....

This is exactly why my ancestors left the U.K. and came to America.

Arrr, that be a hearty aye aye, matey.

Iron Tom Flint? It be an ok name. Not great, aye?

That's a mighty big egg. The one picture of the fella in his pajamas has a nice butt crack.

This is "reality TV", right?
Why, exactly, do they call it that?
Or is this a use of the word with which I am not familiar?

Peta Porrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn and now this? Lord help the animals.

Arrrr. Those be either big kidney rocks or they be crappin' chaawk eggs.

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