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August 25, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Wisconsin Crime Report.

(Thanks to Patrick Lennon)


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I bet that is just what Thor did when he was arrested.

Oh gee cars on bike paths now. Interesting

Holy (r@ ..

Thor Crap - wath he conthtipated?

Well, fivver, heroin will do that to you.

Did he really need a big hammer for that?

With a name like that, no wonder the drugs. It's People's Republic of Madison though, so restitution for the damaged tree may be extent of punishment.

Sounds like Thor was hammered and the driver should have never taken a Crapp in the car in the first palce...

now that's a quality moniker...

Wolfeboro NH used to have a Town Manager named Guy Krapp. An ordinance against feeding ducks was enacted after Krapp sat in some poop on the town docks.

No, fivver, he had hemorrhoid thurgery.

I think I saw Thor Crapp open for Gonad Chomping Parasite.

THOR: "You can't arrest me, I'm the God of THUNDER !"
POLICE: "Don't give me that cr@p..."

"My goodness" said the girl. "You were magnificent! Who are you?" The Norse God said, "I'm Thor!" "You're thore? I'm tho thore I can hardly pithh."

Naturally, today is Thors-day and we have to read this cr@pp.

A thorry state of affairs. In a related story, police gave Elizabeth Elledge an intoxilizer, saying "big breaths", to which she replied "yeth and I'm only 20."

If you want Crapp, click the links on that page to the doins' of a judge named David Prosser.

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