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August 12, 2011


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, Allen at Division and PhilB)


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I have to blame the manager for some of this. If he was annoying her to the point that she had to change shifts to get away from him, he should have been fired. I also wonder why he thought this would make him more attractive to her.

I do not understand, I thought all women were looking for a guy who would make a commitment.

ofg, making a commitment, yes. Needing commitment, no.

Romance is always needed. Handcuffs on the other hand bring to mind kinky.

He should have dressed like a carrot instead. It worked for the guy in China.

Don't women want a boyfriend to be inseparable?

... fur lined?

Not gonna share my handcuff story here, as this is a family friendly blog. They were her's.

Family friendly? For the Osbornes maybe? have you read some of the comments on here? hahahahah

Jason, "What would it take to get a date with you?"
Girl, "Handcuffs."
Jason, "Ok then"

"Lovestruck weirdo" wbagnfarb.

Girl handcuffs guy - sexy and adventurous

Guy handcuffs girl - creepy and criminal.

Aww, look at those puppy dog eyes. How could she say no to that?

If the description of your relationship involves the word "detain" then she's just not that into you.

I hate clingy guys.

But you like handcuffs! *wink*

It didn't help that he called her his flower tortilla and referred to himself as the "meat". And he went way over the top about the special sauce...

"in a bizarre incident that landed him in shackles"

Wait, wasn't that what he wanted in the first place?

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