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August 12, 2011


...there's no telling what they can accomplish.

(Thanks to Joanna Holland)


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Sometimes I am surprised there are any men left on this planet, considering some of the things they do.

That's been submitted to the Nobel committee, right?

I hope we can get past the trebuchet/catapault disagreement and keep the discussion an open and civil discourse.

By the way, don't have a trebuchet in the back of your older van and be driving in the direction of a protest unless you like to spend a lot of time with a lot of really unhumorous officers.

That depends NMUA. Are we talking about a counterweight trebuchet or a counterpoise trebuchet?

It would have been more interesting if they had someone in the car? Wait, maybe they did?

Can we make nominations for the next passenger?

NMUA, explain to the officers that trebuchets work much better when mounted on wheels. I'm sure that will convince them. Police officers are known for their love of both physics and ancient siege weapons.

Counterweight or counterpoise both beat being in traction -- NTTAWWT.

9 -- Technically, the mounting brackets on the Dodge 350 15-passenger van were part of the wheels when the vehicle was put in neutral. We hadn't gotten to the point of cutting out the roof for the counterweight.

Ok, we were caught trying to cut the roof by my wife. In retrospect, it would have been one heckuva pumpkin chucker. Prior to the thwarted upgrade, it was good for 400 feet without being fully loaded -- US Highway 34 got in the way of full tests.

Shouldn't it be spelled "trebuzhet"?

More like Tres-Booze-chez meaning get really loaded then throw things.


NMUA needs to post a picture of this device. I'm in awe.

To quote the bus driver from an early Simpsons episode: "Cool!"

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