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August 23, 2011


Sweden fears swimming Danish raccoon invasion

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger, who notes that there is no word on the French response.)


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i like danish. but not prune.

Didn't the Swimming Danish Raccoons open for Husker Du back in '88?

Elsewhere in the news, France surrenders.

Sweden, just cover up your hot, blond, naked Swedish raccoons.

"In Finland the large wetlands areas are all but emptied of ground-nesting birds and frogs...."

Murder most fowl.

hmm, strangly worded/researched article. "Raccoon dogs", called tanuki in Japan, are not native to Europe either and were introduce to the area in the 40s for their fur.

Sweden needs to get professional help.

I can see why the Swedish are so upset. I mean, who would want to eat a Danish that tasted like Raccoon?

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