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August 09, 2011


Incredibly, Miami is not on this list. Although four Florida cities are, including the top two. But still.

(Thanks to Mike)


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Yay! My home town is number one! Which reminds me of while I will never move back...TRAFFIC!

A lady in a car in front of me today,for some reason known only to her and G-d, decided to stop her car in the middle of the road, open the driver's side door, and then blow on her car seat. We were about 50 feet from a red light where she could have safely stopped and about 100 feet from a parking lot. Instead she stops right in the middle of a busy road to do this. BTW! She had Florida license plates!

This is understandable if you've ever seen Okies on Ice. Whoa.

Hogs, I think Okies On Ice is coming to the Charlotte Coliseum in a few weeks.

How in the freaky frak can Miami NOT be at the top of this list? I smell a payoff.

Back when I smoked I dropped the fire off my cigarette once and jumped out of the car and blew on the seat. trying to blow the fire onto the floor.

SERIOUSLY, Suz! Not even in the top 10??????

I wholeheartedly agree with Orlando. I occasionally drive from Boston to Fort Myers, and going through Orlando turns me into a quivering mass of fear.

Heh! I average 50+ miles a day in the most dangerous roads! I feel like such a bad-ass -- and not a bad driver!

Don't sweat it, Dave. To get the statistics from Miami someone from Miami would have to keep track of all those numbers, add them up, etc. It's just too much trouble and anyway, those are some damn big numbers. Who can count that high?

The statisticians assigned to Miami.....never made it back.

I agree, Leaving Miami out or off of this list is
very suspicious.

Plus traffic is almost as hazardous in Birmingham AL (they got that right) but what about Atlanta, GA?

By the way, Birmingham drivers have all pledged to
eliminate any courtesies to others while driving. Just saying-it's working, but not a good thing....

i always thought dave was exaggerating about florida drivers - you know, "funny dave, making a joke." i remember he wrote something about 'random lane changing' - that florida drivers seemed to be taking signals from a spaceship, you know, from another planet, and would change lanes on this signal, regardless of what was going on around them in the space-time continuum. i thought "gee that's funny, people acting contrary to common sense, oblivious of the consequences, ha ha."

that was until i recently spent a week there. oy.

you'll note that no ohio town is on the list.

The drivers here in my little town aren't so great either. Me included. I've backed into almost every garbage can in town. Including my dad's. It isn't unusual to have someone in the lane in front of you to stop, blow their horn, and then wave at someone in the opposite lane. Sometimes they'll even stop to chat completely oblivious to those of us behind them. It drives me crazy. We also have a lot of tractors on the road. Most of which I get behind when I'm in a hurry to go somewhere.

Besides Ft. Lauderdale taking the overall number one spot, St Petersburg also took first place for pedestrian participation.

This is just a U.S. list. We need to adopt world standards.

Miami isn't on the list because a vehicular death like gunshots is ruled a death by natural causes.

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