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August 25, 2011


A bikini barista has been charged with doing sexually explicit dances in her Java Juggs espresso stand, which allegedly was equipped with a floor-to-ceiling stripper pole.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Breaking into the Seattle coffee industry is ... can I use the word hard in the post?

Key quote:

. . . . the subject of a months-long Edmonds Police Department investigation that included undercover and surveillance work

They needed nine hours of video? Imressive. I would have only needed four minutes, six minutes tops.


Nice pair of cups, there...

Nine hours of video and no photos with the story? Shoddy journalism!!

It's a sad day for this country when you can't get a pole dance and a quick look at some firm hooters with your morning cup of joe.

The old bump and grind.

I'm confused. Was the barista in a leopard print bikini or was it the male detective? I don't know why you guys want pictures. Like I've said before, if you've seen one (or two) you've seen them all.

Oh no Cindy, they're all different. And most are wonderful. Proof that God is an Artist.

That's what I want to know too, cindy, because I do not need to see the male detective in his bikini (NTTAWWT, of course).

Anyway, duh - the place was called Java Juggs, what did they expect, Miss Marple?

...the subject of a months-long Edmonds Police Department

It took them a month? Oh, I get it they had to go bakc again and again to make sure.


Bless you, wiredog. I consider myself and others works of art, too. Unfortunately, the work I am talking about is closer to the fake barf than Venus de Milo.

I don't mean to brag or anything but the day He worked on me He was having a Picasso kind of day.

Where is the ACLU? I mean, what is wrong with dancing with Poles?

Cindy, as Ron White noted, once you see a pair of breasts . . . you pretty much want to see all of 'em.

Cindy, we want pictures.......(it what guys do)

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