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August 04, 2011


100 chickens run loose on the Interstate

(Thanks to Ralph)


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quick!!! get the oil, spices and hot sauce!

I'd like to see Nancy Pelosi get this one in a game of " Charades " .

Did they finally say why they crossed the road?

I'm guessing they dropped more like 1000 birds but only retrieved 100. Turning live chickens loose on the interstate in Atlanta is like throwing a stack of $5 bills in the air anywhere else. Feeding frenzy

Poultry in motion.

Sadly, Col. Sanders did not live to see this day.

...I'm still thinking of that blue tit in the flower...

Psycho Chicken, Run Run Run, Run Away.

Didn't Chickens on the Loose open for Ratt in 85?

A frickin' sea of chickens.

Phil! Snap out of it!

I'm thinking that dropping off a hundred chickens to run free on the college campus is just the thing for my soon-to-be-Frosh son to make his mark.

I missed the " 100 Chickens Run Loose " episode of the X-Files.

Half of Atlanta could have been fed, had the other truck been carrying a load of mayonnaise and celery.

Clankie - "Home" had sheep in it. There were probably some chickens running around in the background.

Loose hitch frees chicks?

Dave, you old perv....you were checking out the chicks in Comic-Con and you got caught, didn't you! So you quickly posted this link as cover.....didn't you....Dave....didn't you.....I thought so.

Never count your chicken till they hatch.

till they cross the Interstate successfully.

_-Updated wisdom/saying

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