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August 24, 2011


...audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange because it offends the Afghans.

(Thanks to Martini Shark and Michael McNelis)


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I fart in their direction!

Stealth underwear.

All right, let's get them out of the way:

-- Gas mask supplies have been doubled.

-- "PRIVATE! Stop blaming it on the camels!"

--Operation Silent But Deadly will now commence.

To steal a comment on the story web site, " I fart in their direction" sorry, better that the ones I kept thinking of. Like "well P___ on them. ha long day.

Silent. But deadly.

GAWD! Next thing you know they will be issuing lace panties to the jar-heads and telling them to drink herbal tea! HEAVEN FORBID that we offend those sorry bast**ds with a good old all-American fart! Marines do two things really well: 1) Fart. 2) Kill a$$h****s. The only thing I have ever seen that can out-fart a Marine is a constipated Clydesdale! Let's keep this world sane. If they don't like the sound of a free nation, it we should pull out of that sorry (deleted, but really gross dirty word)and can take our jar-heads elsewhere!

I guess they also don't play "Pull My Finger" very often.

Revolving doors and closed elevators will be much safer now. I'm not sure how many are in the Afghan area, but it should make a difference.

sir, yes sir!



I say FART away, soldier!!

We're making our fighting men worry about offending people who have barely evolved from cave men?

The national sport is buzkashi. The Afghans are very sensitive:

I wish my father were still around to see this. He was a Marine and could wipe out an entire car load of family with his farts.

It doesn't go over big with the people in my office, either.

Farting near Afghans fouls the air.

How can you tell?

Huge, gas-powered *SNORKS* @ Mud & Myxmaster.

I had to send this to my dad. To all of our veterans and active duty, FART AT 'EM!

Save bullets. Fart!

Semper Fart

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