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August 25, 2011


How's your pee been looking lately?

(Thanks to Tom Meerschaert)


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Peachy is iffy, Theresa. Clear or light yellow is good. Orange can mean you're dehydrated. Red=blood, brown can mean liver disease. Blue=you've been abducted by aliens at some point and shouldn't be insulted by the fact your nurse is running away while screaming. Any other strange color? I'm sure it's nothing.

Sorta like when a guy asks, "Was tha good for you?" and you answer, "Was what good?"

It has been so hot and dry here in Texas that most of the pee around here comes out as dust.

When in high school I learned of two chemicals (names forgotten now, alas) which turn your pee bright blue, or cherry kool-aid red. Fun to hit someone (you don't like) with one of those if you know they're going to be using hallucinogenics. Or so I've heard.

If your pee is foamy, is it:

You've mistaken pee for Miller Lite again or vice versa?

You've had too much beer?

You've full of baking soda?

Or someone shook you really hard?

When I said Peachy i didn't mean it as a color just as it's fine.

Coffee. The smell not the color.

When my son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, his urine was clear. He was drinking a lot of water because of excessive thirst. Also, didn't I hear that we're drinking too much water (8-8oz glasses a day)? When I was doing that, my urine (TMI) as also clear. This has been your Urine Diversity Report. Thank you for watching. (Waiting for Reality Show Producer now.)

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