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August 24, 2011


Iowa City Woman Deemed Too Drunk For Bikini Wax, Attacks Employee with Towel

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Why would any one sober want to get a bikini wax? In my drinking days (many years ago) I never got that drunk. ha

Geez...even if she were not drunk, I'd find some excuse not to give her a bikini wax!

The 60 year old that rorted the Baw Baw on the blog the other day looks younger than she does!

I was just about to send that in.

I'd think you'd need to be very drunk to go for a bikini wax.

they caught her on foot running from the scene of the altercation.

For the sake of the cops I'm praying she was not (ahem) dressed for waxing, if you get my drift.

She snapped someone with a towel. How stupid does that sound for an arrest charge?

I vote they wax the rest of her and leave it on.

She was just trying to look nice for Steve Jobs' going away party.

Speaking of hogs...

Ms. Bacon-Silveira's behavior was a bit piggish.

They breathalize 'em before they have a bikink wax...?

Hey, for them Iowa girls, the bikini wax is dang near full body. They use the dunk tank from the county fair.

They use wire cutters for bikini waxes in Texas. Don't ask.

*SMACKS* padraig and hogsatemysister for all the ladies in Iowa and Texas.

Hey, that means I get smacked almost twice.

Wire cutters? ridiculous! They use rotary sanders.

I don't think you could pay me enough to 'bikini wax' her, drunk or sober.

weed whacker.

that is all.

A general question: what percent of adult women get this done ? Followup question: what percent of adult women are sane ?

Published in the "Iowa City Patch"? snork

When they show the rebels taking over Ghadafi's compound, there are several (million) there that definitely need their unibrows taken care of. But they may be too rebellious for this shop.

The only way I get mine is drunk.

It looks like she is still so drunk in the photo that she's arguing with them while they're taking her photo.

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