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August 25, 2011


The inflatable church.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Blessed are the PVC makers.

I wonder how long it would take for a person to stick a pin in it and watch it deflate. Whoosh there goes the church.

I think it's a great idea but it does look like a bouncy castle.

The church's influence seems to have been inflated.

Is this where blow up dolls confess thier sins?

It is a bouncy castle, cindy. Of course, that WBAGNFARB, as would Inflatable Church and so many others that come to mind.

Will there be clowns and face-painting, too?

*prepares handbasket*

Holy Rollers are less likely to get hurt. Where's the emergency inflation tube?

For your praying emergencies...

Welcome to Our Lady of the sssssss... OOPS!

Ha...good stuff people.

Pump, puncture, patch, pray, penitence.

This story has been blown all out of proportion.

Fill it with helium for a truly uplifting experience.

He's going the whole length of Russia with that thing. Helium is definitely the way to go. Look at all the air fare he can save.

Not to mention all the conversions when people with vodka hangovers look up and see a church floating by.

Thank you so much for sharing..Its very nice.

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