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August 23, 2011


Bull semen forces closure of ramp to I-65S

(Thanks to Carol Ann)


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Bull semen is the main ingredient in the special sauce on Big Macs

I'm sorry Dave, but this story is obviously a load of bull.

I saw Bull Semen open for the Cowsills back in 1972.

This explains this morning's commute.

I understand that stuff is slippery.

I live in Nashville, but am originally from New Jersey. Considering some of the things associated with New Jersey that have made the news, I'll settle for bull semen any day.

The bull semen was being transported from Columbus, Ohio, to a breeding facility in Texas. Surely there must have been some bulls in Texas who would be willing to provide semen straight to its final destination, with no shipping costs involved?

These are things that one just doesn't imagine to think about. Just amazing.

I am sure Greyhound tried to prevent the premature release of their load but, you know how it is guys.

For some drivers, that was the last straw.

No, no no. They said take the bull by the *horns&.

Big difference, huge.

If my mother was right, who goes blind at the bull semen "factory"...the bull or the "harvester"?

Just wondering.

*snork roger h and PirateBoy*

Will this semen be replaced at the annual Humping of the Bulls event in Ohio?

Needless to say, do NOT fall down if you are participating.

"The bus did not know it had lost its load." Give that writer an honorary membership to the blog. Always looking for fresh talent.

Canisters of Bull Semen. The 24 Movie McGuffin.

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