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August 22, 2011


A man named Steve is being sought in Hastings after raiding his roommate's freezer while he moved out.

(Thanks to Fred Hudson)


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Seeking Steve in Hastings...is that kind of like a preamble to a shotgun wedding?

"Steve the ice cream bandit? Sure, we'll get right on it."

"The case remains under investigation."

Is "under investigation" a euphemism for a hundred officers laughing coffee out their noses?

we almost had him sir, but i think the evidence melted. duuuuh.

Am I the only one who thought (on seeing just the blurb) that Steve was in a Hastings store?

Over the intercom, "Steve . . .STEVE, we see in aisle 7 with the tub of ice cream. Eat fast, security is one its way."

To steal ice cream has only one answer. Add Saunders hot fudge to it.

It would depend on the ice cream if it were me. If it were vanilla he could have it. BUT if he took my Drumsticks I would go after him myself.

Donuts, that'd be another story.

I'm thinking someone needs to get hauled into the station for a little tune-up. The roomate, not Steve. It's no wonder he's moving out.

Straight from the ONION, must be, I hope.

I know nothing!!

Uh Streve, you might want to wipe the remnants off your face.

Just sayin'.

" A Man Named Steve " ... sounds like the San Francisco version of a Richard Harris movie.

Steve is being protected by the cone of silence.

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