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August 24, 2011


This year's butter sculpture at the New York State Fair pays tribute to all the food service cafeteria workers in schools through the state.


(Thanks to Rich Klinzman)


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That's pretty neat looking. Can't keep that at room temperature.

Nice sculpture. That must have taken a lot of work. And butter. Our county fair will be here in a few weeks and a lot of people are hoping they will have fried butter. I will not be eating it if they do. Several years ago fried candy bars were the big thing and I tried one of those. I still get queasy when I see a Snickers Bar. My oldest daughter ate three fried Three Musketeers and she couldn't understand why she felt bad the next day. Yuck.

I don't think Mrs. Obama will approve.

Parkay Porque?

Is there a margarine version of this for those of us watching our weight?

Lotsa butterfaces.

It's wonderful to see that they did not forget to include the food service customers, without which there would be no need for food service workers.

We are gonna need bigger butter knives!

How New York is that? An opportunity to celebrate our agrarian roots, our family farms, our agriculture that feeds us all, and what do they do? Taxpayer funded positions that everyone hates -- the kids, the parents, the teachers, and the workers themselves.

More importantly, Loudmouth, count the "butter fingers"!!!

Toast is up!

what abt i cant believe its not butter, eh?

I'm waiting on a commando attack from the bagels.

Mmmm. Butterfingers.

Is the sculptor French?

Let me guess. This sits atop a square piece of glossy paper, right?

Tellingly school lunches have not seen real butter since 1974.

It's nice that they honored workers who normally are margarinized.

Funny, that none of the kids are fat, even though they live in the all butter universe. Message: Butter is a health food. That's clear enough.

New York...? Why not portray Client 9 dialing for a hooker ?

Those two people in the back look so real!! I can't believe they're butter!

Paula Dene (Dean) would approve.

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