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August 25, 2011


ZILWAUKEE, Mich. (AP) - A runaway rooster remains at large after eluding a Michigan State Police trooper and taking a leap from a bridge.

(Thanks to Jimmy Madigan)


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some hungry wolverine has probably eaten that rooster by now

Perhaps hearing a big fat trooper calling the suspect a "big, fat, juicy rooster" prompted said dinner to jump.

"By the time I get to Ziloenix she'll be risin."

-Zlen Campbell

These were great songs from a grea Zera. They can zall be yours in one E Z collection...

I'm pulling for the rooster.

The trooper's official report reads "he jumped, proving chickens can fly."

As God is my witness...

Ah, the Zilwaukee Bridge. The most jinxed bridge since the Tacoma Narrows.

The Real Roosters of Chicken Run

I think I found a picture of the chicken.

Amazed there aren't any cock quips yet.

What made Zilwaukee famous?

The bridge made Zilwaukee famous 'round these parts.

On the right is the old I-75, with a drawbridge. In my youth I remember hearing the holiday traffic reports on WJR saying the backups were 135 miles.

Maybe the backups were actually shorter, but 135 sounds about right.

Rangers Rousting Roaming Rooster, film at eleven.

Zilwaukee? That's a joke, I say, that's a joke, son.

Zilwaukee was actually named to con immigrants into moving there thinking it was Milwaukee. Really. Wisconsin retaliated by changing its name to Zichigan. Okay, that part I made up.

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