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August 23, 2011


Guess the State!


(Thanks to John Grant and Horace LaBadie)


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.... Whitaker's license has 24 active suspensions dating back to 2008, and is also currently expired.

Is she still eligible for an honorary license, or does the Blog have to issue a couple dozen to catch up with the backlog?

I also wonder about the insurance situation... does the damaged party have to pay two deductibles or one?

Let's see, the house has a flat roof, apparently no basement or insulation, no real garage, and the police report does not mention any damaged snow blowers, so I'm gonna rule Wisconsin out.

Click on the mug shots for an bonus grins

"...aggravated battery with a motor vehicle, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and criminal mischief... Records show Whitaker...served more than three years in prison after a 1995 conviction on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon."

So they're gonna put her picture in the dictionary next to the word "aggravated"?

great family. i'll take a guess on the location, and will go out on a limb here: france?

West Virginia? No wait, there were no sheep involved.

Stupid! Next time run over the cheating boyfriend. Or even better, go find a boyfriend that doesn't cheat.


Agree, catching them out in the open is such great sport. Not that I would know anything about that.

Mikey. No way it's West Virginia. That's not a mobile home and neither vehicle is a pickup truck.

Women are so good at expressing their emotions...

With a rap sheet like hers, I can see why the boyfriend might want to meet other women.

I guessed Florida right away-- it looks like the house my wife's mother lived in when we first met.


A deleted scene from " Idiocracy ".

Pad that and they were cars not snowmobiles.

It's nice to see Danstuckin IA again.

My guess is also Florida as it seems the pictures you usually post like this are from Florida.

You Florida guessers are insane! That place is obviously Idaho.

Well the homeowners now have that 2-car garage they've always dreamed of.

Elon, did you say "Idaho"? Because I completely concur.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut.....

And in other East Coast news...

We were sitting in St@rbucks when everything started shaking, including the light fixtures.

West Dakota! Birthplace of both Henry Ford and Evel Knievel.

What state does Billy Joel live in, again?

My brother's house after that party in '83.

The 57th State!

"Yawn". Happened on last HOUSE TV episode.

Thanks Cindy!

yay!: FLORIduh!

I love Florida. It makes Texas almost seem normal.

When bumper cars go bad.

I loved Idiocracy.
we are ahead of the curve on that in some places.....

UPDATE: Orange cracks in the Washington Memorial and Irene a Category 4. Cindy, got water? A generator? Chocolate? Throw your lawn furniture at your neighbor and jump in the pool!

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