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August 12, 2011


Family Fined $300 For Having Apple, Tomato, 3 Cucumbers In Backpack At Newark Liberty

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Thank goodness they didn't have a pineapple or a banana too. They would have been sent to Guantanamo Bay. Who puts a cucumber in a backpack for a snack? Other than this lady.

Kibby snacks on cucumbers ... they're a great source of water without feeling the need to drink.

Seems the Custom Agent was having a "no fruits" day.

Of course they were arrested. In Nuh Joisy the only legal way to carry tomatoes is in your bra and cucumbers is in your pants.

They were really planning a run-by fruiting.

I'm reminded of the Monty Python skit where Palin attacks Cleese with a bannanna. Vegetables may be just as deadly.

I saw the Deadly Vegetables open for the String Cheese Incident.

Those dam vegetable/fruit terrorist bastids! What will they think of next? Herbs and spices?

Great. _ow LeDud's used up all the N's.

If you put the cucumber in your pants, the x-ray guy gets suspicious.

Don't worry. It's blurry anyway.


In the 1980s, it cost $100 million to rid the country of the Mediterranean fruit fly outbreak that originated from a single piece of fruit brought to the U.S. by a traveler. Medflies are endemic in Israel.

Importing foreign fruit into the Garden State should have been a capital case, not a $300 fine.

One man's vegetable is another man's epidemic, or something like that.

Don't fly; walk.

This is exactly why you should only give your children Twinkies, doughnuts, and (if you want to be healthy) Fruit Roll Ups for a snack. Maybe throw in a handful of potato chips.

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