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August 25, 2011


China has banned 100 songs from being featured on websites, barring artists ranging from Lady Gaga to the Backstreet Boys apparently for being out of tune with the country's cultural authorities.

(Thanks to R&L Stevenson)


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Obviously, the Chinese have never heard Copacabana, or any of his other songs.

Lady Gaga is such a trip to look at. One thing is for sure we need to ban a few things from China to the USA and keep it USA.

Who let Lady Gaga sing "Hair"?

How about "I am I said?" Ya know the one where Neil talks to his furniture?

right now i have three chinese grad students living in my home. i promise to subvert them with devo, captain beefheart and the beastie boys, among other things.


If you want for them to get their advanced degress by all means do not play any Manilow.

We want to make sure they're really screwed up when they go home. It may be the only way we beat the Chinese.

good point.

The funniest aspect of this is that the Chinese are far more depraved than the average American.

Quote from a Chinese friend "you think Americans are pigs, CHINESE are pigs".

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