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August 24, 2011


Police in Tennessee were called to a funeral home where workers found two intruders sleeping inside caskets.

Key Statement Crying Out for More Detail: Police said there was more than $9,000 in damage done to the caskets the two men were sleeping in.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Bill Hudgins and jon harris)


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Goldilocks 2011 - in 3D

What were they doing in those caskets to cause $9000.00 worth of damage? I'm with Dave on this one. More details are definitely needed.

I was just going to say something similar how could they have done $9000 worth of damage? How much were these caskets worth? Were they drunk or something?

When a funeral runs $20K, it isn't hard to find $9K damage. I'm hoping for cremation and a garage sale Tupperware container.

Just laid out $2,400 for mother-in-law's cremation.

Mixed emotions.

Considering that the normal casket user doesn't toss and turn, perhaps the sleepers did just that and proved that caskets are NOT worth $20K.

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