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August 24, 2011


Golf coach Jon Daniels says all 15 members of the men's team were involved in taking a picture on a hilltop with nothing on. The men posed with the head of their golf club covering their private parts.

Key Team-Captain Name: Our strict policy prohibits us from displaying this name.

(Thanks to Michael McNelis and Dan O'Shea)


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Who's c0ck? His, and his, and his, and his....

At least they weren't putting naked with the dean's 15 year old daughter.

Team captain Jack Hiscock tells KAKE News it was just a bit of fun that got blown out of proportion.

So quit taking the V!agra, dude.

"Hey Ted, that's a nice--" [Comment deleted for tasteless "graphite shaft" reference.]

You may not have noticed that the URL references the Bethany Gof Team.

The hilltop had nothing on? Not even a cell tower?

Shoddy journalism! If you're going to write an article about a naughty naked man picture then you should include the picture with the article. This is so not fair.

NC: Here's a less shoddy piece of journalism.

Good news ladies! I found the picture in question. Also do not open at work OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G.

GMTA Will! Thank you for going the extra mile.

What, no comments about what kind of grips they use on their putters?

I just viewed the picture. Funny. Ladies can handle the picture without the putters.

Whew! After viewing that photo (twice), I forgot what I was gonna say about the fact that it took 15 naked guys to take a photo of a hilltop. Leave it to our guys and gals to dig those balls outta the sandtrap!

I'm still waiting for the inevitable comments about the effects of Big Bertha's shaft length on straightening out those shanks. You people are SOOOOOO immature.

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