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August 25, 2011


A couple of Pennsylvania newlyweds are behind bars after police say they were caught shoplifting food from a supermarket for their wedding reception.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Did she have one of those hollow pregnancy tummies for the 3-tier wedding cake?

How sad. I wonder what kind of stuff they took. I also wonder if they thought it was really worth it.

Say what you will about their stupidity, but they managed to get more than $1000 worth of stuff into one shopping cart. That's pretty darn good!

I thought the bride's family was supposed to steal the food for the reception.

"Police say the newlyweds told officers they'd been married a couple days earlier and took the food for their wedding reception that afternoon."

Well, at least they didn't do this right between the church and the reception hall. Too bad, I always love those booking photos with the woman in her wedding dress.

Shoplifting my a**! This was brazen theft.

There was no "lifting" involved but some quick rolling. "Carpe cart" or seize the cart was their
motto and plan.

They were probably recorded on security cameras.

Don't worry. They'll make lots of new friends and
have the reception in jail.

Coming next week on The Kardashians...

Hmmm...any odds on how long the marriage will last?

She probably stole his heart, too. GakGaaakGaag.

Groom: "Take my wife.....please."

Coming soon, Adam Sandler stars in The Wedding Shoplifter

Q: How should I dress for the reception?

A: Steal something formal.

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