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August 25, 2011


Still a bad idea.

(Thanks to PhilinTexas)


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No need for prison. Just brand him 99 times. And hog tie him. And what was it they do to sheep? That too.

Truly a mooving story about a man impaled on the Horns of Texas Justice.

Lucky for him they weren't horses - that would have been a hangin' offense.

Dave, why are you blogging? Don't you need to go out and buy bleach and plywood?

Cattle rustle? I always imagined they kinda swooshed.

Punkin, they're starting to shimmy.

At first I thought it was crazy that he had been sentenced to 99 years but he took a lot of cows! Why does Dave need to go buy bleach and plywood? Irene is headed for N.C. and of course everyone is going crazy. The biggest problem we're having is getting the 'northerners' to go back home and leave the Outer Banks! They showed one guy from Massachusetts last night that was seriously ticked that we were expecting a hurricane which was cutting his vacation short. It actually isn't going to hit where he was. We just wanted him to leave.

Here's the ballad of Carl Wade Curry.
He tried to get rich in a hurry.
He rustled some cattle
but somebody tattled,
And now he's in front of a jury.

Hurricane Special.

He got off easy. 100 years ago they would have just tied him to a tree and let him swing.

Cindy - I snork in that guy's general direction. Irene is going to be chasing him all the way home. When he gets to I-95, he should just go south instead.

thangs is shore differnt in tejas. in Noo Yawk there is no cattle rustlin' but we got bernie madoff rustlin.

is it against the law to just rustle up some grub?


You and the other medical people will have to deal with idiots like this, assuming he survives.

Oh, and Don't Mess with Texas!

Giun, South probably not a good idea. I suggest west.

Harrison Ford (in his current movie) would have tied him between a couple of horses...

Three things you do't want to mess with in Texas, a man's whiskey, a man's cattle or a man's woman. Unless she has turned mean and started shootin at him. then you can have her.

How do you hide 400 cows? Whut an idjit!

Are you sure he's a real rustler? Where is the black hat and handlebar moustache?

Only in Texas do you use all three of your names - Carl Wade Curry. I don't even use my middle initial - but then, I have all of my teeth.

I have all my teeth too. I keep them in a bucket at night.

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