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August 24, 2011


Dog eats $10K worth of diamonds

(Thanks to Greermac and Mark Schlesinger)


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I've got a barn cat that would whip that dog's ass.

On the desk: four packs of loose diamonds, about a carat each to set in diamond earrings, pens, and dog treats.
Who in the heck has diamond studded dog treats? The biggest problem I see with this article is they forgot to put the word 'Dead' in front of the word 'dog'.

Free cup of Kopi Luwak with any purchase.

We once had a huge Old English Sheepdog. Having a dog of any size requires that you double-babyproof the entire house. If you're going to leave your shoes out, you're not going to have shoes. If you're going to leave your snacks out, you're not going to have snacks. And above all, if you're going to leave your 1-carat diamonds out, you're going to hang yourself with a rope.

Diamonds on the soles of my shoes. Curb your dog, darn it.

I remember a game in college we used to play called poo dollar, I think the dog just invented poo diamond.

Just as was pointed out in the NPR report on this, you'll notice they've delicately omitted the details of how the diamonds were recovered.

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