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August 05, 2011


Mysterious orange goo washes up in Alaska village

(Thanks to Ralph K. and Andrew Hoenig)


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It will all make sense once that annoying Shamwow guy shows up with his camera crew.

Something similar shows up in the Chicago River once in awhile. I've learned not to ask questions.

Didn't they open on the Sarah Palin tour?

Swan says she didn't smell anything odd when she dipped her hand into the substance

She did notice later that day that her hand had dissolved down to the bone.

Now we finally know where they dumped the carpet from the old "Match Game" set!!!

They are calling for an algae expert from University of Alaska Fairbanks to investigate.

They have majors in algae now?!

Great name: resident Mida Swan meet a swan.



Oldfatguy stole my joke. A mysterious orange substance? Hmm, let me dip a body part in it. What is she, one of those expendable Star Trek guards?

Yes Elon, in a red shirt...

Snooki's tanning lotion?

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