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August 05, 2011


The study questioned 1,000 women with size eight or nine feet about their shoe buying, with 82 percent admitting they are ashamed of their shoe size.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Are they trying to say that a size 8 shoe is big? In my opinion this makes about as much sense as a size 10 dress being plus sized. I may as well just shoot myself. It also depends on the shoe. I can wear a 7 in most shoes but occasionally have to buy a size larger in other shoes.

Size 8 feet here - sure comes in handy when couch surfing and you need an extra rudder or oar.

What was that about big-footed women?

My wife's shoe size has definitely gone up over the years but she probably wouldn't want me to broadcast it here.

Let's just say she left size 8 behind a long, long time ago.


Anyway, as someone who wears size 13 shoes why would I think anything was wrong with that?

Well Jeff, you know what they say big feet mean, right?



Shoe size goes up when a woman is pregnant, Jeff, so you're partially to blame here. (You're welcome, Mrs. Meyerson.) Remember the old days when we shoved our feet into sizes 6 & 7 and suffered? Turns out, guys don't shive a git, and God made your feet big enough to help you from falling over on your nose. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

I've heard large feet on a man can turn on a woman... *S*

--13 1/2, 4e wide

Unfortunately Allen is only 3 feet tall. He falls over a lot.

Hobbits do NOT fall over a lot!

nursecindy - do you know what he's tripping over?

Annie, I assume it's his big feet.

Annie, NC--Careful or the hobbit will go up on you... *smirk*

*the blog community once again demonstrates Newton's Law of Gravity*



The women here seem to be concerned with large things other than feet. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

More like Barry's Law of Brevity - "With beer, conversation between funny people quickly drops to the lowest common denomininator - either boogers or toilets."

The size of the feet are only part of what keeps you from falling over on your nose. Another factor is the length of your legs. Fortunately, despite a 30" pants inseam, mine are long enough to reach the ground.

You blog ladies may not know this, but Allen's old nickname is "The Tripod." And it's not for his photography skills, IYKWIM.

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