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August 24, 2011


Males Believe Discussing Problems Is a Waste of Time, Study Shows

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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whatever you say, dear

Now guys. You know you'll feel better if you just tell us about what's bothering you. Is it because my mother is coming to stay with us for a few weeks? Maybe it's because you think these pants make our bottoms look too big. Do they? Are you sure? Also you wouldn't believe the cramps I've been having. Want to hear more about them? Are you sure these pants don't make our bottoms look big? I don't understand why men never talk to us women. I guess they just don't like to share.

I think that certain things males will share with females in a round about way. It's kind of like charades. Your are suppose to guess. Sometimes they have been known to talk to ya. What are males coping mechanisms? Really.

Theresa? They blow stuff up.

How did an article about wasting time get into this blog?

they are all deaf. or they hear the way dogs do: blah, blah, blah, blah, bedroom, blah, blah, blah, dinner, etc........

Well if we could EVER figure out how to get a word in edgewise..... I'm just sayin

Reading about men discussing problems is an even bigger waste of time. Women want to discuss problems and not solve them. Men prefer to solve them...or blow them up...which is another way of solving them. We don't need no steenkin' discussion.

Loudmouth you sound kind of stressed. Want to talk about it?

"And another thing . . . . "

Thank you nursecindy. I just realized WHY my youngest son has chosen his career in pyrotechnics: I'm a single mom and have been since before his first birthday......
So what's MY coping tool?

If the right subject is brought up, we will listen and talk.

It's pretty much what Loudmouth said. Men won't talk if they think there is nothing to gain from it. Otherwise, we only talk to show our superiority or the superiority of our sports team.

Well, duh to the study and to the fact that women are going to want to discuss anything it.

I learned to love football and baseball because I had an only son. He still won't talk feelings -- I'm sure he has no idea what they are -- but when talk shifts to sports, you can't shut him up. Of course, he'll never figure out why I think Peyton Manning is CUTE!

I would comment but it would be a waste of time

Problems? What problems?

The Seahawks got rid of Hasselbeck.

I repeat, what problems?

MmmHmmmm. Ah. MmmmmHmmmm. Mmmm. Yep. You don't say. Mmmmm. Well, there you go. MmmmHmmmm. MmmmHmmmm. What? I am too listening.

No cindy, I will soldier on in quiet desperation. Be thankful.

I hope they didn't spend any more than $1.50 on this study 'cause otherwise it was a waste of money..we could have told them.

I wasted a lot of time in Freudian psychotherapy decades age; it accomplished very little. Now I shut up and take a pill; it works much better.

I'm with Jeff. File this in The Department of Duh.

And they needed a study to figure this out? I hope it was not a government grant, because all they had to do was ask any male species of human beings, and they could have given them the answer.

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