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August 12, 2011


You Can Teach Your Dog to Eliminate on Command

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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No Fido, I said "Sit"!

No Fido, I said "Kiss"!

Dave, send what to Washington...the dog or the poop?

send the dog. there's enough poop there already to ...........eh, choke a......drown in.

You sure can and for my dog the command is: NOT ON THE CARPET DAMMIT!

*snork* @ NotSherly, WS & Siouxie

'Fido - Come!'


Will this book work on children?

Eliminate who or what? Oh wait...

Gold NotSherly (I laughed out loud...I'm at work) Others just great.

The real question is...

Can they be taught to clean up their "eliminations"?

No, the REAL question is can they be taught to eliminate Congressmen.

*snork* Sandy.

My beloved golden retriever, Murphy, (now gone) would do this. Command was "Go and be good". Compliance within about 30 seconds.

Gawd I miss that wonderful friend.

HUGE Guffaw @ Sandy

in the reviews ...A word of caution - take care when choosing your "command words" and "smart phrases" to avoid words your dog is likely to hear on the television. It took 4 episodes of Ali McBeal before I realised that my "full evacuation" command was in the theme song.

My dogs think their name is "Dammit who did this?"

My dogs are perfect! In fact I never have this problem. If I put them somewhere and tell them to stay they do it. They never bark, mess in the house, or beg for food. Of course they're stuffed but that's beside the point.

And don't choose a command like " Manilow ! " that gives you the urge as well.

Clankie I wouldn't use "Snooki" either.

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