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July 23, 2011


Officers from the Lake County Sheriff's Office have arrested Robert Morris, 48, after he allegedly tried to pick up a FedEx package containing a bag of Meow Mix stuffed with $30,000 of crystal methamphetamine.

Yes, Lake County is in Florida

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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My cats eat Meow mix but I buy the big 18 lb. bag.

The cat also deals crack.

Cats are evil, like clowns.

Morris the Cat.

Cats in the cradle with the silver meth......

And to think they named a university after this guy in suburban Pittsburgh (and another in Chicago).

That's gonna be one dead cat, if it eats Crystal Meth.

Which is worse-the guy shipping meth to a title company's ficticious person, or the guy BELOW that story who was arrested for having sex with a horse?

Strange times, wacky people perverts.

My cat used to sleep a lot. Up to 28 hours a day.
I tried to imagine her on meth but my imagination wasn't up to the task.
Maybe it needs some stimulation.

Who knew, Charlie Sheen is a cat lover.

How did they know what was in the package -- with a cat scan?

Fluffy's number one rule -- Fluffy NEVER takes the rap.

It was Amy Winehouse's cat...

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