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July 23, 2011


The Giant Mystery Czech Republic Ice Ball


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I would help if there were a Czech or two standing next to it, or some other indication of scale. That green stuff in the background could be anything from sphagnum moss to a dense coniferous forest.

P.S. Until I see actual dimenions, I'll assume it's one of those Special Presentations of Ordinary Foods created by Martha Stewart: "Why not fuse two trays of ice cubes together using your chef's acetylene torch, and use it as an accent in the center of your punch bowl?"

Local farmer Mirek Burzynski said: "It would have weighed tonnes - how it was moved here without a lorry is a mystery".
Maybe they used a truck? I'm with Betsy on this one. How big was it? And don't give me those fancy metric measurements either.

Betsy and NC,

From an alternate news source, we have this: "The description that accompanies this video in YouTube is in the Czech language. It reads: "V Milovicích se objevila ledová koule o průměru 2 metry. Záhadou je jak se tam dostala. Zde je video jako důkaz...",

I think that should answer your questions.

And if you watch the video, it is soooo Blair Witchy as to be laughable...

This is your brain on ice. Any questions?


Or a boo-berry icee that went terribly wrong.

The other possibility is that it's one of those giant frozen balls o'urine that tends to fall from planes onto people's houses.

The blue is the disinfectant from the toilet.

Breaking News (that I'm sure none of you saw coming):

Amy Winehouse dead at 27, of apparent overdose.

I agree with Jeff, the blue is a dead giveaway.

Jeff beat me to it. There was definitely an airplane toilet involved.

Re: Amy Winehouse - too bad she couldn't have switched places with one of the Oslo victims. She's not a big loss to society.

I wasn't a fan of Amy Winehouse. In fact I thought she was kind of disgusting but this is so very sad that someone that young did this to herself. My heart goes out to her family. Also thanks frodo! That explains nothing! Unless Betsy understood it and if so I completely agree with her and hopes she emails me and explains it to me in very simple language. I also thought it might be from a plane.

Obviously a construct. You can see the lines where the blocks were joined.
I'll leave you guessing if I'm talking about the ice or Winehouse.
Was that bad? Should I not have said that?

Amy Winehouse died in the Czech Rebublic after being hit with a ball of frozen pee what?

Babelfish doesn't do Czech; but according to GoogleTranslate...."In Milovice appeared ice ball with a diameter of 2 meters. The mystery is how it got there."

Two meters is a lotta pee in any language, but that was my second choice, after Martha's punchbowl

Tidee-Bowl Icee.

Czech the local Zamboni drivers; the story is hokey.

Someone needs to fact-Czech this one!

Look at the seams.

If the blocks don't fit, you must acquit.

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