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July 25, 2011


Rampaging Kangaroo

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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You're up late tonight.

"Police were forced to use pepper spray to subdue the frightened kangaroo."

Just what is their definition of 'frightened'? Pissed off, maniacal, berserk, on PCP, maybe, but I don't think he was frightened of anything; wait, the laundry, were there red sheets waving in the breeze? No, that's bulls, hmmmm. You think maybe it was latent radiation from Japan? The article did say he seemed larger than normal, that's IT! The attack or the Killer Kangaroos! AAAUUUrrgh!

Countin' flowers on the wall...

That don't bother me at all
Playin' solitaire till dawn
With a deck of 51
Smokin' cigarettes and watching
Kaptain Kangaroo
Now don't tell me
I've nothing to do . . .

Only 5 hours till shift change.

A big red can normally kick/disembowel a dog.

Another trick they have is running to water (they're good swimmers) and if dogs follow them they drown them.

Believe me they might be grazers but treat them with respect.

Tell the story and thrill us, Phyllis
Tell the story and thrill us
Aw, I thought he was going to kill us, chilluns
Yes, I thought he would kill us!
All together now...

Can we send the spammers to OZ and introduce them to the Giant Reds?

The Rampaging Kangaroos had a few great songs, but drugs and fame took their spirit away. Like Jefferson Airplane, they lost ground as they grew older. They took on the drummer and banjo player from the Depressed Wombats and eventually changed their name to the Terrorist Marsupials. Their descent to mediocrity had begun.

If you don't regret your youth, you will exert yourself in old age.。


I'm amazed the 94-year-old was hanging laundry in the back yard. You go, granny!

Also, if it were here in the good old USA (besides the fact that there are no kangaroos), she would not have been allowed to hang her laundry in many hoity toity neighborhoods.

*remembers wonderful smell of sheets hung out to dry when I was a kid*

oh man, i LOVE the ramones!

Tie me kangaroo down, mate...

belated *snork* @ SW, who I just realized is not only singing the same song, but has deftly adapted the lyrics

When kangaroos go bad.

She's 94 and didn't want to go to the hospital after being beat up by a kangaroo? I think Phyllis is my new hero.

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