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July 25, 2011


A FATHER of eight led police on a high-speed car chase – because he was traumatised by the death of his parrot.

(Thanks to funny man)


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The court heard Williams, of Portsmouth, had been banned from driving nine times.

He had 8 other parrots? Or did his children die? I'm confused.

Alas poor Polly.
Never again will she want a cracker.

judi, I broke the blog. Profuse apologies.

Is parrot codeword for something dirty ? I'm pretty naive and the last to find out. Can one fix the blog by sending the tag that was left out ?

Tried. No luck.

When he saw the lights behind him, he panic-ed.

He though maybe the cops would blame the bird's death on him.

He really wanted to give the cops the bird, but just couldn't.

SNORK @ funny man... Elon, I tried to close the ital, and thought perhaps something new happened to html while I was away last weekend. Ya gotta keep abreast (parrot breast is not edible, and yuck) of these things.

i think they're talking about children, eil


he's still a repeat offender

So, father of eight, huh? Maybe he was just trying to get away from her.

*SNORK* @ Jeff

...and, for the official record, the parrot had Ceased to Be.

This would not have happened if he were a pirate.

Maybe the parrot was only pining for the fjords.


No he was just sleeping!

hogsatemysister wrote: "This would not have happened if he were a pirate."

Then he should have had a pirate parrot:


I like that his lawyer is named Wing.

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